Centre for Multi Cultural Program Evaluation

We work with you to apply a culturally responsive, diversity, inclusion, equity and social justice lens across one or all stages of the research, evaluation, project, policy, business development, service delivery life cycles.

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Understand cultural context, including power and structural barriers to decision making, practice improvements and outcomes

We work with you to expand on the planning stage of a cycle by analysing the organisational context of a service and/or the socio-historic and political context of a program.

Apply technical expertise with democracy, equity and power structures in mind

Building on knowledge gained, during the planning and preparation stage, we work with your team and key stakeholders to construct diversity, inclusion, social justice and equity standards, data sets and indicators.

Bring your interpersonal skills to the table

At this point, we put into effect and co-manage the plans developed in Phases 1 and 2, measure your policy, project or program’s performance, assess service practice, against diversity, inclusion, social justice and equity standards and work with your team and key stakeholders to make sense of and learn from findings.

Be self reflective and honour diverse values

During this phase, we use data analytic techniques that are valid and well justified in light of the continuous quality improvement analysis and program evaluations purpose and objectives. We synthesise and integrate judgements about the quality and value of your policy, service project or program as it pertains to diversity, inclusion and social justice and we draw evaluative conclusions using participatory and collaborative approaches.

Access, Improvement and Use

We avoid duplicative reports and where possible. We produce targeted, simple, clear and concise reports and we give you multiple opportunities to suggest additional reporting and disseminating strategies (beyond what was agreed upon in first phase) and to provide feedback on process and findings.