Centre for Multi Cultural Program Evaluation

What we are about

We are a values-driven organisation with clear value commitments that bring minority voices to engagement, decision-making, review, service improvement, policy design, research, and evaluation.
We reject the notion that research, evaluations, reviews, and strategies must be objective and culture free.

About our Values

We value participatory practices that promote equity, liberation, fundamental human rights, and justice. To that end, considering and centering culture, context, and equity undergirds our work.

Our policies, practices, and approach are guided by the following values principles:

for knowledge, reflecting cultural humility, adapting cultural protocols.

forming collaborative, non-exploitive, sustainable, long-term ethical and relevant relationships.

acknowledge that diverse communities own their own knowledge, have a leading role in shaping content design and evaluation and should have access to and control over their data (data sovereignty) and adhering to culturally and religiously appropriate protocols.

setting up processes and systems that enable exchanges for mutual benefit, full participation, sharing decision-making and compensation. 

Partners and Collaborators