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Migration and Cross Boarder Equity

Evaluation of Refugee Evaluation Support (RES) Initiatives


Victoria State Government: Department of Education and Training (DET)


In partnership with Lirata Consulting; evaluate effectiveness of RES initiatives between 2016-2021.
Evaluation Approach

Summative, participatory, culturally responsive, mixed methods, multi-level evaluation. In addition to contributing to the development of the evaluation plan and framework (with an equity lens), we are also assisting with:

  • training interpreters to interview families and youth, and
  • providing advice and guidance to the Project Team during the evaluation regarding culturally responsive and equity evaluation design, data collection, and analysis.


The Department of Education and Training funds a suite of programs comprising the Refugee Education Support Initiatives (RESI). These programs aim to build the capacity of schools and early childhood services to support educational engagement, achievement and wellbeing outcomes amongst children and their families of a refugee background. DET requires an independent summative evaluation of the RES initiatives between 2016-2021.

Lirata, as the project lead, sought advice from Centre for Multicultural Program Policy Evaluation to:

  • Embed culturally responsive evaluation and equity-oriented evaluation to the evaluation design.
  • Design and deliver a training module for to collect feedback from children and families
  • Review and contribute to surveys, the mid-term and final reports.